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Energy One

Enzaim’s employee welfare brand, which is also the source of energy for Enzaimers, represents the management’s commitment to implementing best-in-industry employee welfare programs the embody “health” and “fun.”

Division Program Details
Sabbatical Month Vacation We provide employees a 1 month paid holiday every 3 years to help them recharge and for self-development.
Closing We close our office each year for one week at the end of the year and welcome the New Year.
Standing Office We provide our employees with standing desks and have a standing zone where employees can stand and work or have a meeting.
Enjean Day We leave the office an hour earlier than usual on Fridays.
Walking Day Walking more than 1km on the 11th of every month for a healthy lunch meal.
Health Examination Our employees get health examinations on a regular basis in order to keep them healthy.
Seasonal Fruit&Healthy Food We provide our employees with free high quality coffee every day as well as giving them seasonal fruits and healthy foods.
Parenthood Fund We give Enzaimers a cash bonus to celebrate becoming parents.
Forest Rest Area A special resting area with a sofa and massage chair for Enzaimers in need of a break or pregnant mothers to lie down for a comfortable rest.
Fun Overseas Workshop Fund We attend own fun workshops each year or on special occasions.
Club Activities We support healthy clubs.
GEON.JEON CHANG.JU Day We review the company’s activities monthly and conduct educational programs or take part in Healthtainment. The last Friday of each month is GEON.JEON.CHANG.JU Day.
Birthday Voucher We share sincere messages, cookies and gifts (Culture Gift Voucher) on birthdays.
Providing gifts on special Korean holidays We gift the highest quality Korean beef to our employees to help them take good care of their parents on special days such as Lunar New Year and Korean Thanksgiving.
Congratulations and condolence wreath We hold a fantastic end-of-the-year party at the end of December each year.
Reading Support We provide subsidies for our employees to purchase books to enrich themselves.
Year and party We hold a fantastic year-end party at the end of December each year.
*Energy One Program is effective as of 2015 and is subject to change.


Expert School

Enzaim’s education focuses on customized education programs with a goal to foster health communications experts.

Division Program Details
Expert School Best Practice Best presentations & results
ㆍAnnounce at least one best practice case
Competency Education Work-related know-how
ㆍMarketing communication: how to manage relationships with clients
ㆍDay-to-day responsibilities & trends
ㆍPrinciples of crisis management & day-to-day responsibilities
ㆍVisual thinking
ㆍAccounting is the language of management.
ㆍLet’s learn from a writer: how to write good sentences
Culture Education Culture and etiquette / Content related to Energy One
ㆍManaging relationships in workplace
ㆍBeauty & fashion
ㆍHealthy foods included in Energy One
ㆍDonguibogam (Principles of Eastern Medicine)
ㆍTea ceremony
Field Education ㆍVisit to a pharmaceutical company’s facility
ㆍVisit to a healthcare organization
ㆍVisit to a broadcasting company
Outsourced Education Specialized education programs for any Enzaim Division
ㆍRequests for tailored education programs are submitted to the Accounting team for 꽝꽝approval
Graduate School Course Masters & doctorate courses at a graduate school in Korea
ㆍTo be selected based on budget and other criteria
* Enzaim Medical School

Medical education sessions led by medical training experts.
7 sessions are provided covering a variety of subjects, including how to interpret autopsies, MRIs, CTs and x-rays, how to read academic papers, and basic biochemistry, pharmacology, and immunology.