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Ethical Management

Definition of Ethical Management

Responsibilities that a business organization holds towards society include not only economic responsibilities but also legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities. Ethical management means that a business organization should go beyond economic responsibilities and meet ethical criteria expected and required by the society in making decisions and taking actions to engage in business activities even though it is not obligated to do so by law.

Purpose of Establishing Code of Ethics

While carrying out business activities as healthcare marketing communication experts, Enzaimers may face diverse situations that require ethical judgment. Without code of ethics, they may make a wrong decision to seriously damage individuals, clients and the company. And absence of ethical value in one’s work can end up hurting individual growth as an expert in the long run since one may have skepticism and doubt instead of having pride and satisfaction with what they do.
This code defines Enzaim’s commitment to ethical management and helps Enzaimers to understand Enzaim’s ethical management policy and put it into action in their day-to-day work.

Code of Ethics

The elements of Enzaim’s code of ethics fall under 8 general guidelines dedicated to
our mission of “Healthy People for a Healthier World”
cont_img4 Respect First
Enzaimers must respect their co-workers, company and clients.

Enzaimers should compliment and encourage each other, recognize the diversity of each individual,
be considerate to and respect one another, and observe basic etiquette in their actions, words and attire.

cont_img4 Study Hard, Study Continuously
Enzaimers must study hard and continuously to improve their skills.

Nothing is more unethical than ignoring your duty to learn and grow as a consultant. Poorly informed decisions will not only significantly damage your reputation, but it will also endanger clients.

03 Secure Information
Enzaimers must take responsibility to secure the company’s
and or client’s information.

We deal with information, and information is one of the most important assets of Enzaim and its clients.
Enzaimers may not use information on the company or its clients for personal gain, and must protect such information from outside entities.

cont_img7 Reject The Unhealthy
Enzaimers have a right to decline to work with unhealthy clients.

Enzaim is a community of healthy people who are committed to creating a healthy world.
There is no interest worth damaging our mission. Enzaimers have the right to reject such negative interests
and address such issues.

cont_img8 Be Honest
Enzaimers must refuse all gifts intended to affect outcomes and
may not provide or accept money or valuables.

The end does not justify the means. Health communication is an area in which public interest and ethics come first. Outcomes achieved by providing entertainment or financial incentives as a means to persuade have no public or ethical value.

cont_img9 Follow The Law
Enzaimers must comply with all rules and laws of our company and industry.

Enzaim supports free thinking and action, but that does not mean that Enzaimers can disregard fundamental rules. We must keep in mind that trivial infringements of codes and regulations may result in serious damage to individuals, the company, its client and society.

cont_img10 Protect Human Rights
There is nothing more valuable and important than an Enzaimer’s human rights.

As members of the knowledge service industry, Enzaimers should provide the best service possible. Nonetheless, there is have no reason to endure personal or sexual insult while working with other Enzaimers, clients or stakeholders. Aggressively protect yourselves as you are the most valuable assets of the company.

cont_img10 Win-win with Partners.
Enzaimers should respect our partners just as Enzaim wants to be respected
by our clients as an expert.

Enzaim will earn a more solid and supportive ally when its partner can grow into a more competent and
reliable company.