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Healthcare PR Division

The Healthcare PR Division was the first division established by Enzaim Health. Based on our longstanding experience and expertise in healthcare related markets, patients, consumers, regulations, policies, etc., we provide communication services for clients in health-related industries such as multinational pharmaceutical companies, domestic pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, and biopharmaceutical companies. We also provides integrated health care professional PR consulting services that cover areas for improving the health policy environment, such as health care, environment, health function food products and businesses, as well as areas for improving the health policy environment, such as medical organizations, academic associations, government, local governments and NGOs



PA(Public Affairs) Marketing PR
Issue and Crisis Management Corporate PR
Crisis Management Training CSR Campaign
Stakeholder Development and Mapping Public Health Campaign
Media Training Media Relations & Conference



Songhee Kim / CEO of PR Division
pr@enzaim.co.kr / +82-2-318-8706



Healthcare Marketing Division

The Healthcare Marketing Division provides integrated branding strategy and marketing communication solutions for healthcare products and services wanting to enter a market or expand their presence. From healthcare professionals to consumers, we conduct domestic and overseas market research and analysis based on in-depth insight and various experiences in healthcare channels and markets, and the marketing strategy consulting service that needs to be considered from a management perspective, as well as digital platform development, advertising campaigns and event promotion. The medical team provides expert training and coaching programs and health education for patients and the public.



Healthcare Brand/Marketing Consulting Market / Target / Brand Research
Healthcare Management Strategy Consulting Campaign Evaluation & KPI Setting
Medical Marketing
(Medical Detailing, Medical Writing,
Conference, Symposium, Advisory Board
Meeting, Tool Kit)
Advertising Campaign
(TV, Radio, Print Ad, On-offline Campaign,
campaign, SNS, Mobile)
Digital Platform Development English Medical Training Program
Branding/Marketing Education Service Health Professional / Patient Education



Yeongsik So / Director



Healthcare Design Division

The Healthcare Design Division, led by professional designers and communication experts, works to keep people, nature and animals healthy. Based on the idea of “doubts about familiar things” the Healthcare Design Division explores the unhealthy elements of everyday life and creates a healthier world with creative design solutions.



Healthcare Contents Graphic Design
Advertising/Film Motion Graphic
Healthcare Service Design Design for Behavior Change



Hahyun Song / Head of Division
design@enzaim.co.kr / +82-2-318-1381



Enzaim Public

From policy consulting and policy promotion campaigns for the government, public organizations, and local governments, Enzaim Public provides consulting services for areas such as national disasters, food safety, infectious diseases, and safety-related issues/crisis management. In addition, the company conducts corporate social contribution (CSR), public relations marketing (CRM), and public service campaigns for local and foreign NGO groups under the basic philosophy of making the world better by realizing ‘health for all.’ The main areas of expertise of Enzaim Public are health, welfare, sports, food, the environment and safety.



Government Policy Consulting CSR Planning and Execution
Municipal Government Policy Consulting CRM Campaign
Public Campaign Public Issue / Crisis Management
Public Campaign Evaluation Public Crisis Management Training


Yeongsik So / Director



Enzaim Digital

Enzaim Digital offers a wide range of trend-driven digital services as digital communication becomes increasingly important. Enzaim Digital conducts digital campaigns such as video and display advertising based on the digital strategies of businesses and organizations, develops content and designs specific to online channels, and conducts social content management, including planning influence campaigns.



Digital Strategy Development Digital Film / Display AD / Design
Viral/Social Contents Viral Film / Influencer Campaign
Social Channel Social Contents Management / Video Production



Heejung Jung / Head of Division
dmd@enzaim.co.kr / +82-2-318-8221



Healthcare Publication Division

Healthcare Publication Division plans and produces various publications dealing with physical, mental and social health. It publishes health information books, health education books, well-being books, healthcare marketing communications books, and environmental and animal-related books.



Heymi Yoo / Head of Division
books@enzaim.co.kr / +82-2-318-5840



Health Issue Team

The Health Issue team provides integrated issue management services, from tracking of potential issues to establishment of crisis strategies and development of response strategies. Using our expertise in the healthcare field, we analyze related industry and policy trends, identify potential issues, develop crisis management manuals, and design and conduct crisis response training. Crisis response strategies are developed based on evidence-oriented analysis using big data.


Health Issue Trend Report Industry / Policy / Disease / Stakeholder
Issue Management Tracking(Analysis) / Manual / Training / Strategy Development



Hyunwoo Kang / Head of Division
issue@enzaim.co.kr / +82-2-3147-1110



Health Action Team

The Health Action team works to realize new values and new approaches to health based on Enzaim Health’s communication and marketing know-how. We take these new values and develop them into tangible products and services. We put new approaches to health into ‘Action’.



Woohyeok Jang / Head of Division
action@enzaim.co.kr / +82-2-318-5570